Principal's Message

Welcome back to another exciting and fruitful year ahead! We would like to extend a special welcome to our Primary 1 students to the Eunosian family.              

I am honoured to be given the opportunity to lead Eunos Primary as her sixth Principal and to continue the tradition of helping every Eunosian to be the best that he or she can be. I am certain that Eunos Primary will soar to new heights through the synergistic partnership involving the team of dedicated staff, our supportive School Advisory Committee members as well as committed Parent Support Group members, parents and partners.              

Winston Churchill supposedly said, “Kites rise highest against the wind, not with it”. Resilience and Excellence are two Eunosian School Values which are reflected in our motto “Endeavour promotes Success”. Core to the Eunos Education is our focus on Values Education – we aspire for every Eunosian to be Guided by Values – to always do the right thing, regardless of circumstance.             

With the unwavering belief that every child can learn and wants to learn, we strive to help our students discover their strengths and reach their fullest potential so that they can soar and be like kites reaching for the skies. Our school takes pride in providing a wide range of experiences including attending musicals such as Les Miserables as well as opportunities to be part of public performances. We believe that every child’s voice matters and aspire to develop each Eunosian to be a Confident Communicator and Critical Thinker. Just as it is a magical moment when one’s kite eventually soars in the sky after the initial challenges – that magical moment is what our Eunosians continuously experience as Happy Learners during their education in Eunos Primary.We will be engaging all stakeholders in deeper conversations on what encompasses The Eunosian Experience over the course of 2017. I like to wish all Eunosians and their families a wonderful 2017 ahead!

Endeavour Promotes Success

Mrs Grace Ong 




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