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Head of Department

Mr Chen Ziyang (chen_ziyang@moe.edu.sg)


An inquirer who is a passionate and independent thinker of Science.



To nurture a passion (for Science), develop inquisitive and critical thinking in Science.


The Department emphasizes on:

  • teaching Science through inquiry and hands-on experiences – We provide our pupils opportunities to acquire scientific knowledge and understanding, to learn how scientific research is conducted, and to appreciate how Science relates to their everyday lives and concerns
  • building a community displaying a greater sense of environmental responsibility and consciousness through having "Environment Friendly" activities/projects to educate our pupils on environmental sustainability 
  • ensuring that environmental awareness and action become an intrinsic part of all Eunosians



Programmes and Activities


1. Science Outdoor Learning Trips


Science as experiential learning conducted outdoors serves to fuel our pupils’ curiosity and make them want to learn Science and enjoy learning Science.   The Science curriculum leverages on and seeks to fuel this spirit of curiosity. The end goal is for our pupils to fire up their passion in science and value Science as an important tool in helping them explore their natural and physical world.





Eunos Boulevard


To enrich pupils’ experiences in the learning of flora and fauna and other living organisms in Science, we have grown many trees and plants.





2. Our Green Movement


Eunos Primary School’s (EPS) commitment to the environment has spanned nearly a decade up till today. We educate our school community to understand that there will be both positive and negative impacts made to the environment the moment we interact with it. Eunosians recognise the significance of the human input of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Here at Eunos, we create opportunities for people to rally and demand a positive outcome in our fight against the environmental crisis.

As part of our green efforts in the school, our pupils participate in many meaningful and fun-filled green projects to show their endearing efforts in environmental conservation. Amongst many of these projects, the fortnightly collection of newspapers and plastic bottles, also known as Project Green Fridays has received overwhelming responses from the children. In addition, in another project, “Trash To Treasure”, conducted as Green Club activities, old and unwanted items collected are reused in other science green projects like the making of the ‘Hanging Bottled Gardens’ as well as rockets and rafts. Eunosians are committed in giving waste materials a new lease of life, whenever possible.


3. Kitchen Science


We recognise that it is significant to constantly be seeking ways to have our pupils make meaning and sense of what they have been taught in the Science classes. Hence, we provide and create platforms for the pupils to concretise learning by performing hands-on tasks.


The Kitchen Science programme builds on our pupils' innate interest in food, within the familiar setting of a kitchen, otherwise also affectionately known to Eunosians as the Inno-fusion room. The programme explains the science behind many different foods and cooking processes while making links with school Science curriculum. Whilst learning the importance of food Sciences, our pupils are also now, beginning to cultivate good eating healthy habits. Pupils get to learn about the various types of herbs and spices , nutritional value of the plant parts and how they are used in cooking.







4. Sharing Science Best Practices


Over several days last year, Eunos Primary participated in two major Science sharings at national level.  It was an opportunity for us to take the learning of Science to new heights as we shared with others the benefits we had reaped from our Science programmes.  At the same time, we also sought to look out for greater collaboration with cluster schools on the outdoor teaching and learning of Life Sciences.  


12th International Conference of the Learning Sciences 2016

Our department did a sharing of a paper done on Pop Quizzes that were carried out beginning of 2015. The ICLS 2016 is an international conference attended by researchers and academics in the area of Science and Mathematics Teaching.

MOE Excelfest 2012