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Student Leadership

Year Head

Mr Marcus Cheng ( cheng_tai_chew_marcus@moe.edu.sg )


Student Leadership


In Eunos Primary School, we believe that every student can be a leader and can perform at their optimal level in their areas of talents and strengths. We endeavor to nurture the leadership potential in all our students by providing meaningful leadership roles for them to undertake and providing effective training to equip them to excel in their roles.

Student Leadership Structure


In our efforts to provide meaningful leadership roles to the students, the Student Leadership Structure was developed to clearly indicate the Student Leadership roles which are available for the students to undertake.

School Level Student Leaders

Level 5

Executive Prefects


Level 4


Junior Prefects


Level 3

CCA Leaders

Champions of Values

Cyberwellness Ambassadors

Friendship Ambassadors

Green Ambassadors

NE Ambassadors

PA Assistants


Class Level Student Leaders

Level 2

Class Monitors and Bus Monitors


Level 1

Subject Monitors,

Green Monitors

IT Monitors

Group Leaders

Reading for Life Champs


Student Leadership Developmental Outcomes

Recognizing the importance to provide effective leadership training, desired student leadership developmental outcomes were identified for each of the levels.


Based on the respective outcomes and leadership focus, customized training is then designed and conducted for all student leaders.


Desired Outcome

Leadership Focus

Primary 1 and 2

To lead is to Love, Care and Share


Primary 3

To lead is to Serve

Basic leadership & communications skills

Primary 4

Stewardship & communication skills

Primary 5

To lead is to Influence

Project Management & Servant Leadership

Primary 6

Project Management & Mentorship

Specialised training for specific roles are also conducted by the respective Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs) and working groups to develop the Student Leaders’ type competencies.
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Key Programmes


Student Leaders Training Camp


To equip Level 2 and above Student Leaders from Primary 3 to 6 with the foundations of leadership and qualities of an effective leader, the annual Student Leaders’ Training Camp is a key training milestone for the appointed Student Leaders.


The 1.5 days training during the March Term Break is customised for each of the levels to provide focus on helping the student leaders understand and work towards achieving the Student Leadership Desired Outcomes.

Follow-up sessions with these leaders are also incorprated to provide the student leaders with platforms to apply their leadership skills in planned and ad-hoc programmes.


Follow-up programmes for application of leadership skills in recent years include:
• Leading VIA events (e.g. Tembusu Home Block Party)
• Leading school events (e.g. Teacher’s Day Celebrations)
• Charity Donation Drive 2015 in aid of victims from the Malaysian Flood (collaboration between Prefects and Red Cross CCA)

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Social-Emotional Learning (SEL)-Infused Leadership Training


This annual training programme is a programme where every student from Primary 3 to 6 undergoes as part of the school-wide effort to develop every student’s leadership potential.


The infusion of the SEL aspects in the training underscores the school’s belief that that leadership training is an integral part of every student’s character development.


This is in alignment to our school vision of “Guided by values, every Eunosian a Happy Learner, a Confident Communicator and Crtical Thinker.

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