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Notes of Appreciation

Hear what parents and ex-Eunosians have to say about Eunos Primary School and its staff.

Email from Parents of Amelia Koon P1/6 2015

Thank you note from Hawkes family 2015

Letter from James, parent of Xavier P1/3 2014

Dear Ms.Choy,


Firstly, congratulations on another year (almost) over.


I wanted to write and say thank you to the school for making Xavier's first year at Eunos Primary an enjoyable and productive one.


On behalf of my wife Lucy, Xavier and myself, we really appreciate the time and effort that Miss Abigail has put into helping Xavier this year. He's really going to miss her. He was fighting back tears when he said good bye to her in class today, he didn't want to cry in front of his classmates. Once he got to the car he let go and started to cry: "I want Miss Abigail for my teacher next year." I think it's a testament of how much he liked being in her class.

I was saying to Lucy that having a great teacher in P1 is so important for all children. In some ways, P1 requires the biggest adjustment for kids and having someone that is supportive, caring and, simply, a good educator, can make all the difference.

We really appreciate the energy, dedication and patience that Miss Abigail has given Xavier and all the students this year.

Once again, I sincerly thank you and all of Xavier's other teachers for the hard work put in.




Letter from Michelle Lee, parent of Johnathan Lee P1/3 2014

Dear Mrs Choy,

I am Michelle, mum of Jonathan Lee of P 1/3 of 2014.  This has been a very happy and fruitful year for my son! :)

I would like to thank the school for taking care of the P1s and having good programs for them.  :)
I would like to specially thank Miss Abigail for being such a wonderful teacher, she has made lessons so interesting and every day going to school a happy thing.  

My son enjoys school and his class very much and especially love Miss Abigail!  Miss Abigail is a very caring and observant teacher and most important she believes in the potential in our children :)  We need teachers like her who has passion and love for the students! :)

Most importantly, Thank you, Mrs Choy, for leading such a wonderful team of teachers and making Eunos Primary School a great place to be, a place where our children can grow and bloom! :)

Blessings to you and may the school continue to grow in excellence and be a Happy School for the children! :)

Yours sincerely,
 Michelle Lee

Letter from Casper, parent of Destiny P1/3 2014

Hi Jennifer,


As you know Destiny has been a student in Eunos for the past year in Primary 1/3 with Miss Abigail.

Jennifer, I need to provide some very good excellent feedback on Miss Abigail.  The love and understanding that she has given each child is truly amazing and I can see this is not a job for her but a calling.  She loves being a teacher and that truly shines through on her work and on her students.


I can only say THANK YOU for giving my daugther love, attention and care as part of the teaching journey.

Jennifer, we are truly pleased with Eunos primary as well and so far the whole schooling experience has been a great one.


Once again, thank you.



Letter from Joanna Joy Ong-Balinghasay, mother of Lorenzo

Good evening!!

Lorenzo happily brings home the Bronze medal for Eunos Primary School in the National Taekwondo Championship today!

Our family wishes to thank each & everyone of you for all the support you have soooo willingly given to him! Even in the midst of a special event like the Olympiad today & the fact that Taekwondo isn't even a CCA in school. Your support is just overwhelming.

Mrs Tan was soooooo supportive & we can only say THANK YOU a thousand and one times for being there to keep Lorenzo in good company. She was a second mom to say the least!!!!

Thank you once again!!!! Lorenzo is just soooo excited to bring the glory back to the school who has supported him in this endeavor!

Wishing you all a good long weekend ahead !!!!

Mommy Joanna

Letter from Mrs Toh, mother of Bryan Toh (P5/1 2014)

Dear All,

I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all of you for the care & concern shown to Bryan who fell sick during the preliminary round for Upper Primary YMCA Mandarin Speaking Award 2014.

Miss Foo & I were with him during the competition on Friday, 11 Apr 2014.  Despite having fever, he was very positive and kept reassuring us that he was fine to go through the whole event.  He observed the other contestants' performance with immense concentration and during the half-time break, he told me that he is able to do better than them.  When it was finally his turn (18th out of 24 contestants), he put up a very good show.  He delivered his speech very confidently, clearly and coherently.  I am so proud of his achievement and glad that I was there to support him and witnessed for myself what my child is capable of doing after 4.5 years of learning and nurturing at Eunos Primary School.

When we arrived in school on Friday morning, your primary concern as his teachers and VP was his health and well-being, not the competition.  You supported his decision to go ahead and only had words of encouragement for him.  I believe that Bryan was able to perform well for the competition because of the caring and supportive school environment that he is in.

To us as parents, it is not about winning the competition.  It is the process which forms part of his learning journey that matters.  During this competition, he has exhibited important values which the school strives to inculcate in our children - resilience, perseverance and excellence.  He put in effort to prepare for the competition and would not give up although he was sick.  These values will benefit him as he progresses in life.

I want to thank you and all his teachers who has walked this journey with him from Primary 1 for your care and efforts in educating and nurturing my child to what he is today.  He is a special child because of all your efforts and I can't thank you more for this.  I am glad that I made the right decision to choose Eunos Primary School for him.  I wish all of you many happy and rewarding years of educating our children.

Best regards,
Mrs Toh
Parent of Bryan Toh (P5/1)

Letter from Mr & Mrs Thomas, parents of Grai Han Albert Thomas P3/1 2014

Good morning Mrs Choy,

We hope that you are keeping well.

We would like to thank Mdm Haslindah for contacting us yesterday to share Grai's accomplishment in his announcement during assembly! That was so lovely to hear!

We would also like to use this opportunity to thank all members of staff from Eunos Primary, to those who had been or still are guiding our boy along his path of learning. We really appreciate what had been done for him and how he had been so motivated to learn.

Thank you, leader of Eunosians, for helping and allowing our boy bloom within the care of your hands.

Thank you.

Have a good day.


Mr and Mrs Thomas

Letter from Noorlyza Junit, mother of Muhammad Imran P6/2 2014

Dear Miss Tammy Teo


I would like to say thank you for your kind attention and care towards my son, Muhammad Imran last year 2013 primary five Math group two.


Your prompt response to my emails and meeting-up with me to explain about a Math topic, are some of the many dedicated things that you did.


I will never forget the time when you actually drove to our house to send Imran's homework and to see how he was doing when he was at home recovering from fever. He was primary two and had been absent for quite a number of days. Such is your dedication and thoughtfulness as a form teacher of primary 2/2.

Once again thank you for being a wonderful teacher and wishing you a very happy & a prosperous lunar new year.

Yours sincerely
Noorlyza Junit


Letter from Duong Bang Chao's Mum (P3/2 2014)

Dear Mrs Choy,

This is Bui Bang Tam, mother of Duong Bang Chau of P3/2.

My family and I wholeheartedly thank you for giving my daughter, Duong Bang Chau, a great New Year 2014 gift, that is the admission for her to study P3 in the Eunos Primary School. We also wish to convey our deepest thanks to Mdm Haslindah Bahrom, Vice Principal and others in the General Office for arrangement for Bang Chau's placement test. You have clearly shown to us how much you care for the students and we are so happy that now both of my two daughters are with you and teachers of the Eunos Primary School. We strongly believe that our daughters will enjoy their new school and their primary schooling years.

As for Bang Chau, she has always been a good student and you can be assured that you will have another good and well mannered student to be proud of.

I wish you and teachers of Eunos Primary School a great school year ahead.

Warmest Regards,

Bui Bang Tam


Letter from Mr Shabbir Rangwala, father of Behlul Rangwala of P6/1 2013

Dear Mrs Choy and Teachers of Eunos Primary School,


I am the father of Behlul Rangwala of P 6/1.


I just wanted to take some time to write a short letter to express how much Behlul has enjoyed his six years in Eunos Primary School.  His last year in Eunos Primary was one of the most memorable and most special of all the six years.  


I want to thank all his teachers for all the times they went the extra mile to make him fully understand what was being taught and when they stayed back in school to help him fully understand a topic.


The various activities and projects that were given to them were fun filled and extremely enriching.  He was able to learn much more when he got a chance to go on educational field trips to United Kingdom (P5) and Malaysia (P6).  I am grateful to Eunos Primary School and Mrs Choy for helping to organise these breathtakingly stunning trips.


He will never forget his six years in Eunos as they were enjoyable and exciting. He will always reminisce to himself about his memories in Eunos Primary School.


For all of this, my family and I are very thankful to all of you and we hope to keep in touch and update you of the progress that he makes as he starts the next phase in his life.


Warmest Regards


Shabbir Rangwala


Letter from Joanna Joy Ong-Balinghasay, mother of Lorenzo

Dear Mrs Choy


I would like to express  my gratitude again for having been given the chance to witness yet another inspiring show that the school has put up last night.


I am putting it in writing as per your suggestion so that you can share it to the rest of your team,


To say that I was overwhelmed that I ended up in tears in between the numbers & speeches last night is an understatement . 


I originally went as a proud mother of a young boy. I knew it meant a lot to my son to see me there as I never missed any of their performance ever since they were both in kindie. 


After the program, I walked away motivated, inspired & recharged all over... not just as a parent but as a human being.


More than the exceptional speeches and the numbers presented is being able to feel the love, care , respect & concern each and every person had for each other. From the staff to the teachers, from the teachers to their students, from the parents to the teachers , from the students to the parents and vice versa.


Being able to be in that hall was just such a priceless moment.


Thank you to you and your staff for putting up another great show.




I wish you and your staff a good break as you all deserve it and the best of the holidays.


Looking forward to another great school year ahead !


God bless



Letter from Ms Wendy Ong, Mother of Shermain Goh Xin Hui of P1/5 2013

Dear Teachers,

I would like to specially thanks both of you for providing good guidance, care and concern for my daughter, Shermain Goh Xin Hui of P1/5. Not forgeting the rest of the teachers, however, I do not have their email address.

Both of you not only guided her on academic areas which made her excel, you gave immediate attention to her when she had issues with other classmates. I really appreaciate the immediate actions and arrangements made so that she had no fear to go to school.

All your efforts had helped her to excel in acedemic, other subjects as well as getting use to a new big family of Primary School life.

Thanks a lot!

I hope Shermain will not disappoint you and continue to do her best in all areas.

Best regards,
Wendy Ong

Letter from Mdm Saripa Zaitun, parent of Sharifah Atikah, Sharifah Ruquyyah and Sharifah Zahra

Dearest Mrs Choy, Mdm Haslinda, Mdm Lim and Teachers Of Eunos Primary School,


Greetings! We are writing this email to thank the school for everything you did to help us. We really appreciate the teachers' guidance, support and understanding. We want to express our sincerest gratitude for all the teachers' hard work. You have and will continue to be a great influence on us.


Thank you for the great work you do and the huge impact you make in young people's lives as teachers. Thank you teachers for all the things you have done for us. Thank you for creating an environment of enthusiasm for learning, appreciation for growing, and room for making mistakes along the way. We are grateful to have you all as our teachers. In this note we want to tell you all that you all are the best.  You all shine above the rest. Please accept our thanks for all you did . We're indeed very lucky to have you all in our life.



Our deepest thanks,

Saripa Zaitun, Sharifah Atikah, Sharifah Ruqayyah, Sharifah Zahra. 






Letter from Lisa Chua (mother of Dawn Ng P1/1 2012)

Dear Mdm Afidah,


I am mother of Dawn Ng who is under your care in P1/1.


Thank you for the guidance that you have extended to Dawn.  Your feedback is useful to us, as it allows us to know the progress of our child.  We appreciate the attention that you have given to our child.


Happy mother’s day, Mdm Afidah!


When I fetch Dawn from the Student Care Centre on Friday, she gave me a card that she has drawn and a bag of chocolate.  Thank you for your thoughtfulness in preparing and giving us (mothers) the chocolate.  Not only that, Dawn has hugged and kissed me on Saturday, wishing me ‘Happy Mother’s Day’.  She told me that it is being taught by you.


Thank you for teaching my daughter in expressing her love on this special occasion. Dawn and I do express our love for each others from time to time.  But when knowing that this is being taught in school, I really appreciate and having the gratitude.  Thank you for creating the bonding for me and my little one.


I look forward to meet and thank you personally on the teacher-parent meeting.


Thank you.



Lisa Chua



Letter from Anne Che (mother of Neville Sim, P5/1 2012)

Dear Mrs Choy,

It was a wonderful night at Diary Farm campfire. I was impressed by the efforts of the teachers and the pupils. The pupils had performed extremely well and I believed every parent who attended this campfire enjoyed themselves tremendously.

My child came back relating the wonderful experience at the camp. I would like to thank the school especially  PE department and all Pri 5 form teachers for their efforts to make this camp a successful one. Keep up the good work , teachers ! Well done.

Che Anna



Letter from Joanna Joy Ong-Balinghasay (Mother of Lorenzo, P1/1 2012)

Dear Miss Choy and the whole Eunos staff


Our family wishes to thank you for such a wonderful and heartwarming welcome you have given not just to all the primary 1 students but to all the parents and family members in the first week of school.


I am very overwhelmed with the kind of support and love you have shown to all of us. CARE is truly one value you all so clearly have shown to us in the first week. 


Thank you for taking time out to acquaint us with the coming school year's activities and arming us with so much information to relieve us of any worry and anxiety that we have inside as we bring our young kids to start on their life in the big school.


I personally salute you for having an open door policy in whatever concerns we may have , it goes to show your true and heartfelt concern for all the children under your care. THANK YOU VERY MUCH !


We look forward seeing you guys more and our prayers for a great school year ahead !


We are truly grateful to be a good part of the Eunos Primary.





Joanna Joy Ong-Balinghasay

mother of Lorenzo (P1/1)



Letter from Albert Goh (father of Gary Wu P6/1 2011)

Dear Ms Jennifer Choy,


I am the father of Gary Wu of P6/1 in your school.

The PSLE Exam is over. The school term is coming to an end. It is time to take appraisal of the performance of the school teacher. I am referring to Miss Patricia Lim, the Form Teacher of my son.

I am particularly please with what the said teacher had done for my son during the period he was under her charge.


Patricia had been an examplary teacher who was very conscientious with her work. She helped my son in whatever possible to guide him in his studies even outside school hours, weekends and public holidays, giving him extra guidances & advices to prepare for his exams throughout the year which I hope he does well in the PSLE.


Her concerns for him went much further than a parent like me and my wife.

There were 2 occassions when my son, being mischievious and defiant after I punished him, left home and stayed out overnight. I alerted Miss Lim who immediately sprung into action, getting her colleague to help looked for my son. After a long search, they found him, talked and counselled him and brought him home.

She even called me after school hours and sometime in the weekends to follow up if my son behaved well after the incidents. This show she has the commitment and passion, as a teacher who want to go that extra mile (GEM) to perform well for her pupils, school and the country which the government has been promoting the concept of GEM in workplace in Singapore.


Ms Choy, I am also aware, from other parents' feedbacks that many of your other teachers are also doing many things outside the job responsibilities to guide the children in your school. These are clearly evident by your strict leadership as principal of Eunos Primary, bringing the school through leaps and bounds to what it is today.


My heartiest congratulations to you for having a good team of teachers and staff whom we, as parents should, from time to time, shower credits where they are due to motivate them to do better.

While education is of paramount importance to every child's future in Singapore, good character building is equally important. I must say your team is doing very well in these areas. As a Grassroots Leader in the Marine Parade GRC where your school is located I am very proud and delighted to highlight and offer my compliments. Kindly convey my compliments, appreciations and congratulations to Miss Patricia Lim for her excellent job well done and also to all your staffs as well.


Of course, as a principal, YOU deserved no less compliments, appreciations and congratulations than anyone of them for your leadership and guidance that made your team worked so well.



Warmest regards,


Albert Goh