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For Visiting Ex-Eunosians

Ex-Eunosians Visiting on 30 August 2017

Dear Former Eunosians,   As part of Teachers’ Day 2017, we understand that many of you may wish to visit your former teachers in Eunos Primary School on 30 August 2017. For security and safety reasons, we would appreciate your co-operation in complying with the following during your visit:  

  1. You need to be in your current school uniform. Otherwise you will not be admitted into the school grounds. 
  2. You can only enter the school via the main gate after 1.40pm. The visiting time is from 1.40pm to 2.30pm. 
  3. Please proceed to the security counter to register your name before entering the school grounds. 
  4. Please remain ONLY at the foyer and the canteen to meet your teachers and inform the office staff to call for them if necessary. 
  5. For security reasons, do not to wander around the school grounds, including the upper levels of the teaching blocks and the various games areas like the soccer field, the basketball court or the Active Hub (formerly known as Games Hub).       

Thank you for your co-operation and we look forward to seeing you back at Eunos Primary.