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CCA Achievements

Sports and Games

Sports and Games Group Competition Results
 Sepak Takraw

Sepal Takraw Fiesta 2017

1st Place

Division 1

4th Place

Division 3


Aesthetics Group Competition Results

Associate Board of Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM, UK) Examination

Merit Award

Clubs and Societies / Uniformed Groups 

Clubs and
Competition Results
Robotics Club

Singapore Vex Robotics Championship 2017

East Zone Robotics Challenge 2017






3rd Place (Primary Category)

Judges Award

Silver Medal (Vex IQ)

2nd Place Programming Challenge (VEX IQ)

2nd place Exploration Challenge (Primary/Heavy)

3rd place Autonomous Challenge (Primary)

New Media Club

National Photography Festival 2017 (Primary Schools)

 Individual Special Mention Awards

Rasyiqah Darwisyah


Red Cross

Excellence Unit Award 2016

Directors Award

Red Cross Youth First Aid Competition 2017


Nur Atiqah Shahira


 Green Market
Marine Aquascaping Competition 2017
Laiyla Alisha Nair (P6/1)
Trechnievski Mila Jeanne Maria (P5/1)
Ang Jun Hang Jaden (P5/1)

Hooper Andrew Jiawen (P6/1)
Peng Yehong (P5/1)
Wu Qun (P5/2)