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Principal's Message

As we embrace the start of 2018, I would like to first extend a special welcome to our Primary 1 students and their parents to the Eunosian family.


    2017 had been an exciting year for Eunosians. We strengthened our efforts to encourage Eunosians to adopt a healthy lifestyle and piloted the Eunos Athletic Card to our Primary 4 students with resounding success. The transformed space behind the canteen renamed as Active Cove truly added vibrancy to the school environment while providing a much-loved place for Eunosians to engage in meaningful physical activities during their free time. The Eunos Olympiad also took a different form which promoted greater participation by all Eunosians. Eunos Primary was even featured in the Channel 8 and Channel U news for our efforts to keep our children healthy and fit.


    In 2017, we also identified our signature programmes for our Primary 3 to Primary 6 students. All Primary 3 students had the opportunity to take part in the Cultural Appreciation Programme where they learnt about the culture, food and traditions of a culture different from their own. Our Primary 4 students were privileged to spend one night at the zoo as part of their Zoo Camp while our Primary 5 students took part in the Outdoor Adventure Camp. The PEPSE programme continued to be a highlight for the Primary 6 students after their PSLE where they participated in a Job Shadowing experience as well as created an art piece in collaboration with the National Art Museum among many other enriching activities. 


    Core to the Eunos Education is our focus on Values Education – we aspire for every Eunosian to be Guided by Values – to always do the right thing, regardless of circumstance. We are very proud of our students for being active contributors and concerned citizens. This is evident through various student-led initiatives such as one effort to conserve water through encouraging fellow schoolmates to bring non-disposable water bottles instead of drinking directly from the water cooler. We also had students’ letters published in the Forum Page of the Straits Times where they expressed their views about current affairs such as the abuse of an elderly gentleman at a food centre. We believe that every child’s voice matters and aspire to develop each Eunosian to be a Confident Communicator and Critical Thinker. Our Primary Two students displayed these traits when they confidently presented the concept behind their art piece to the public during the 2017 Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation.


    Our teachers continue to actively contribute to the development of the fraternity at various professional development sessions. One example was the presentation of a research paper by the Science department at the 2017 National Institute of Education (Singapore) Redesigning Pedagogy Conference. We also like to congratulate our HOD/English, Ms Charmain Han, for being one of the finalists of the 2017 Outstanding Youth in Education Award.


    Helen Keller once said “Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much”.  Eunos Primary is privileged to receive unstinting support from our School Advisory Committee members, our Parent Support Group members and our parents. The inaugural National Day Carnival 2017 organised by our Parent Support Group was a highlight for the whole school indeed. 


    I am humbled by the dedication of my staff and deeply appreciative of the strong team spirit shown by each and every Eunosian. I look forward to an exciting year ahead as we continue our efforts to help each Eunosian to experience the Joy of Learning, inculcate the spirit of Entrepreneurial Dare and strengthen the sense of Singapore Spirit. 


Finally, I like to wish all Eunosians and their families a fruitful 2018 ahead!



Endeavour Promotes Success


Mrs Grace Ong