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School Rules

School Rules and Regulations

1. Students’ Attire

1.1 All students are to wear the prescribed school uniform and no modification to the uniform is allowed.

1.2 All students are to wear white shoes and white socks to school. Socks must be above the ankles. Ankle socks are not permitted.

1.3 P1 and P2 students can come to school in PE attire on days when they have their PE lessons.

1.4 P3 to P6 girls must wear the school skirt over their PE shorts before and after their PE lessons.

1.5 All students (except for those in Uniformed Groups) are to be in their PE attire every Friday for CCA. Students in Uniformed Groups should attend their CCA in their respective CCA uniforms and change into their PE attire/school uniform after CCA.

1.6 Spectacle frames should be of plain design.

1.7 The red Eunos t-shirt will only be worn during special events such as Eunos Olympiad and National Day celebrations. All students will be informed when they are required to come in the red t-shirt.

2. Hair and Appearance

2.1 Students are to be neatly groomed at all times.

2.2 All students are not to wear make-up or accessories to school.

2.3 Students are not allowed to dye their hair or paint their nails.

2.4 Hair should be neat at all times and hair fringe should not cover the eyes. Inappropriate and flashy hairstyles are not allowed.

2.5 All boys must be clean shaven and should not wear sideburns, beards or

2.6 Boys’ hair must not touch the ears, eyebrows and the shirt collar.

2.7 Girls with hair touching the collar should have their hair tied up neatly at all
times. Simple hair clips or ribbons in blue or black may be used.

2.8 Students are not allowed to tattoo their bodies.

2.9 Students are not allowed to pierce any part of their bodies, except for girls who may pierce their ears and wear only a single ear stud on each ear.

3. Attendance and Decorum

3.1 All students are to be present for school unless they are unwell / sick. Absentees must be present a valid medical certificate or letter of explanation to their form teacher.

3.2 Attendance at the Flag Raising and Flag Lowering Ceremonies or Pledge-Taking is compulsory for all students.

3.3 Students who are Singapore Citizens must sing the National Anthem and take the pledge. Students will take the pledge with the right fist placed over the heart.

3.4 Students must be punctual for school, for school activities.

3.5 All students are to behave and abide by the school and class rules. Their behaviour and attitude must reflect the school’s core values.

3.6 School work is to be handed in on time.

3.7 After arrival in school, no student is allowed to leave the school without the permission of his / her class teacher / Principal. 

3.8 In the event that a student needs to leave the school earlier due to illness or urgent personal matters, only his / her parent / guardian, caregiver or an adult who is related will have to fetch the student from school. Students are required to obtain permission to leave school earlier than the normal school hours. Parents are required to sign out their children from the General Office before leaving the school.

4. Personal responsibility

4.1 Students must be responsible for their personal belongings at all times.

4.2 Students must be punctual for school and all activities.

5. Arrival in School

For safety reasons, students should proceed to the School Hall / Skyline for Silent Reading from 7.05 a.m. onwards if they are already in school. All students must be in school by 7.30 a.m. Any student entering the Hall / Skyline after Pledge Taking and Flag Raising Ceremony will be considered late.

6. Examination Policy

6.1 Students who are absent for any paper in an examination without a valid medical certificate will not be awarded any marks for the paper they missed. They are required to produce a valid medical certificate or other official document to explain thier absence (valid reason) for a paper. The finak marks will then be pro-rated.

6.2 There will be no arrangements made for pupils to take their exams on another day, except for oral, where a valid medical certificate has to be produced. Students with flu-like symptoms and temperature exceeding 37.6ºC will not be allowed to sit for the day’s paper.

6.3 Students caught cheating during tests/examinations will not be awarded any mark for the paper.

6.4 Students are not allowed to carry their mobile devices or any smart devices with communications and / or recording functions during the examination. All mobile and smart devices must be switched off and placed at the designated area in front of the classroom. Anyone found to be in possession of mobile or smart devices during examination will be immediately disqualified from the examniation.

6.5 Students are not allowed to interact with one another, other than the invigilator, in the examination room, corridors or toilets once the examination has started.

6.6 Requests to review given grades must be made within three working days following the return of the CA or SA papers. A review of grade may result in no change to the grade, or change to a higher or lower grade.

7. Homework

7.1 Homework is given as additional practice and reinforcement of concepts taught.

7.2 Teachers will monitor and moderate the homework load of students.

8. Learning Journeys and Activities Conducted Outside School

8.1 For learning journeys and any other activities that are conducted outside the school premises, teachers-in-charge will issue consent forms. These consent forms must be signed by a parent / guardian and returned to the teacherin-charge by the deadline stipulated. If a student fails to submit a signed consent form prior to the activity, the student will not be allowed to participate in the activity. Verbal consent will not be accepted.

8.2 All students must be in their uniform shirts / blouses or PE shirts and school shorts or skirts when out for Learning Journeys. No track pants are allowed unless informed by the teachers-in-charge for specific reasons.

9. Vacation Leave

Curriculum time is important. Students are not allowed to take leave during term time to go on holiday. Parents are advised to plan vacation leave to coincide with school vacations. In addition, parents must declare their children’s travel plans to the school should the school request for the information.

10. Movement In School

All pupils should move in a quiet and orderly manner at all times. They are to move according to their class in a single file / in twos and always keep to their left.

11. Recess Time

Food should be consumed ONLY in the canteen. No playing and shouting is allowed in and around classrooms. All students are to be at the designated assembly areas five minutes before the end of their recess.

12. Prohibited Items

12.1 All students are not allowed to have in their possession any weapon. They are also not allowed to bring any weapon-like item which is used or intended to be used to cause harm to others.

12.2 Items that interfere with students’ learning are not to be brought to school, including the following:

• Electronic Audio Devices such as radios, CD / DVD players, iPod,
• MP3 players and game devices
• Cards such as playing cards and trading cards
• Toys such as toy guns and toy models
• Others such as chewing gum, cigarettes and dangerous objects

Any the above items found will be confiscated and aparents will be informed.

13. Use of Handphones in school

13.1 Students are only allowed to use their mobile phone at three designated times: before morning assembly, during recess and after school. At all other times, mobile phones must be switched off. Permission must be sought from a teacher if students need to use the phone urgently outside the allocated time slots.

13.2 Students can use their mobile phones at two designated places only: Canteen and Foyer (outside of General Office)

13.3 Students can use their mobile phones for communication purposes only and not for other activities like taking pictures, listening to music and playing games.

13.4 Students are responsible for their own mobile phones. The school reserves the right NOT to conduct any investigation to recover lost mobile phones. Mobile phone theft cases may be reported to the police if the school conducts investigations.

13.5 Students who abuse the use of mobile phones can have their phone confiscated by any teacher or member of the school staff. Confiscated phones will only be released to parents / guardians who come perdonally to the school's General Office to claim them.

13. Unaccepted Acts

14.1 Disciplinary action will be taken against students who commit acts that are dangerous and affect the well-being of other students and staff. These include:

• Smoking, drug abuse and gambling of any form
• Vandalism & Arson
• Theft & Shoplifting
• Littering
• Abuse of technology
• Fighting & Assault
• Bullying (Physical, Verbal, Cyber)
• Extortion & Gangsterism
• Rudeness, Disrepect and Open Defience
• Outrage of modesty
• Practical jokes and other acts of carelessness

We care for our students and staff and believe that every child can learn and achieve in a conducive environment. In our efforts to achieve our vision and mission, we hope to seek parents’ / guardians’ cooperation and support.

14.2 Students must adhere strictly to all rules and regulations of the special rooms at all times.