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Vision, Mission & Values


Endeavour Promotes Success


Guided by values, every Eunosian a Happy Learner, a Confident Communicator and a Critical Thinker


Nurturing every child in a caring and vibrant environment to achieve his/her personal best and contribute actively to society


Care, Unity, Respect, Resilience, Integrity, Excellence

School Song

High above the sky line
A red torch shines
Guiding us with values
To succeed in life

It's a new day every day
In Eunos Primary
Races in harmony
Achieving as one family

We are Eunosians
With grades a-soaring
In Arts and sports excelling
We are Eunosians - together
Doing School and Nation proud

Lyrics by Staff and an Ex-pupil of EPS
Composed and arranged by Mr. Iskandar Ismail

School Flag

The School Flag is halved horizontally, WHITE over BLUE. It has a School Crest on the top centre. WHITE symbolises Purity and Honesty. BLUE symbolises Perseverance.

School Crest

The School Crest consists of a burning red torch with a book. The torch represents knowledge. The book represents the key to knowledge and learning. Together, they remind us that education is an ongoing process. It has no end and is to be acquired until eternity. 

Living Out Our School Values

Care means

  • providing a safe and welcoming learning environment for all to succeed
  • encouraging everyone to achieve his/her personal best
  • being sensitive to the needs of those who are less able and fortunate
  • offering support, guidance and help for those in need
  • recognising and celebrating achievements in all areas of school life
  • showing concern for people and the environment


Unity means

  • sharing a common vision
  • valuing one another’s strengths and talents
  • working together to achieve a common goal despite our differences
  • collaborating well and sharing resources with others
  • resolving conflicts amicably


Respect means

  • taking care not to embarrass, insult or make fun of anyone
  • listening attentively when another person speaks
  • behaving appropriately in public places such as the library, cinema and restaurant
  • greeting others and  using “please” and “thank you” often
  • obeying rules and regulations
  • valuing all contributions and differences in opinion
  • understanding and accepting differences in others


Resilience means

  • persevering in the face of challenges and adversities
  • displaying optimism when facing setbacks
  • managing changes with courage and adaptability
  • persisting in finding solutions to problems
  • recognising one’s weaknesses and working towards overcoming them


Integrity means

  • distinguishing right from wrong
  • being honest and trustworthy consistently
  • being fair in our dealings with others
  • having the moral courage to uphold beliefs and values in the face of opposition
  • admitting to mistakes and accepting the consequences


Excellence means

  • possessing the drive and passion to learn and succeed
  • taking responsibility for one’s own learning
  • exhibiting self-discipline
  • striving towards achieving one’s personal best in all the tasks assigned
  • seeking continual improvement
  • taking calculated risks to achieve one’s goals