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EL Department

Head of Department
Miss Charmain Han Mingfang (han_mingfang_charmain@moe.edu.sg)

Subject Head
Ms Wan Nurin (wan_nurin_zahian_wan@moe.edu.sg)


To nurture students to be lifelong readers, confident communicators and critical thinkers.

To provide systematic and explicit instruction in order to build a strong foundation in language skills, grammar and vocabulary. To provide engaging, meaningful authentic learning tasks in order to create a rich language experience for language skills to develop. To equip students with the love of reading, an awareness of local and global issues and the ability to think critically.

Programmes to support, strengthen and stretch our Eunosians in their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills
Programmes to Support Levels
Learning Support Programme (LSP) P1 & P2
School-based Dyslexic Remediation (SDR) P3 & P4
Reading Remediation Programme (RRP) P3 & P4
Remedial lessons P1 to P6
Programmes to Strengthen Levels
Reading Programme P5 to P6
Collaborations with National Library Board (NLB) – Books 2 go Around P1 to P6
Programmes to Strengthen Levels
EL competitions: Babble and Speak P4 to P5
The Moo-O Awards P3
National Writing Competition P3 to P5
Reading Programmes in Eunos  
Conducted at the start of EL period on Wednesdays, students are exposed to the different genres of books and are given the opportunity to share the stories they have read through oral and book reviews in class. Primary 4, 5 and 6 students took this platform to read the newspapers and develop personal opinions and views, which in turn enhances their critical understanding of the text read. Through this programme, students are encouraged to read widely and be discerning readers. ‘Mystery Reader’ storytelling sessions at the library are also conducted during recess.
Our school has also embarked on MyON, an online reading portal, which tracks students’ reading progress and generates interest-based book recommendations that are developmentally appropriate
Supporting your Child in Learning
MOE Syllabus
Link: Syllabus
MOE STELLAR (Strategies for English Language Learning and Reading)
MC Online
Vocabulary Games