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Information and Communication Technology

ICT Department

Head of Department:
Mdm Fatimah Mohd (fatimah_mohammad@moe.edu.sg)

Subject Head
Mdm Teo Bee Lin (teo_bee_lin@moe.edu.sg)


Empowering Teachers, Engaging 21st Century Learners.

Equip teachers with skills, knowledge and tools to increase student engagement in school 



1. Modular ICT Programmes
All students are equipped with the baseline ICT standard skills and enhanced ICT tools through a Modular ICT programme. These skills are integrated into our curriculum to enhance the learning experience of our students.

2. Learning Management System (LMS)
All students from P1 to P6 are given an account to access the E-Learning portal subscribed by the school. The portal contains resources for teachers as well as for students’ self-directed learning. All students are able to access the portal from home at https://www.mconline.sg. Besides the LMS, the school also subscribes to other subject portals:

- Koobits http://problemsums.koobits.com
- Myon https://myon.sg

3. E-Learning Weeks
The school conducts twice-yearly E-Learning days in May and Oct, during the school’s Mid-Year Teacher-Parent Meeting and PSLE Marking days respectively. Students are required to access their account in the Learning Management System to complete their E-assignments posted by their subject teachers. Students also have their regular E-assignments assigned by their teachers on the subject portals subscribed by the school.

4. Learning Hub
The Learning Hub is available in the MRL for students to gain access into the Internet and the use of various software applications in the school using the laptops and iPads.

5. Cyberwellness at Eunos
Cyber Wellness refers to the positive well-being of Internet users. It involves an understanding of the risks of harmful online behaviours, an awareness of how to protect oneself online and protecting other internet users from negative behaviours.

At Eunos Primary School, education of our young internet users is important to promote a culture of safe and responsible use. Adopting the three principles, “Respect for Self and Others”, “Safe and Responsible Use” and “Positive Peer Influence”, students will then be able to make careful and well-considered decisions and take care of their well-being in cyberspace.

Student cyber wellness ambassadors are appointed to help the school in promoting key cyber wellness messages. They are required to attend a Cyber Wellness Ambassador programme once yearly. The programme includes workshops that are designed to promote positive internet use, raise awareness of internet safety issues, as well as equip students with preventive skills to cope with potential online dangers. The workshops incorporate training to empower cyber wellness student ambassadors with the knowledge and skills to initiate, plan and implement possible cyber wellness activities that they can carry out back in their schools, under the guidance of the cyber wellness teacher coordinator.

The school has a line-up of activities to promote cyber wellness during the course of the year. Our cyber wellness coordinator and cyber wellness ambassadors conduct fortnightly pre-assembly talks to promote cyber wellness. Other than sharing information about being positive digital citizens, the pre-assembly talks also involve the screening of educational videos and animation to help students understand the importance of positive cyber well-being. Quizzes are also held at the end of the talk where students can win tokens.

Cyber wellness messages are prominently displayed on the school’s TV Messaging System and through posters that are placed around the school to remind students to behave appropriately online. The messages on TV are aligned to the fortnightly pre-assembly talks so that students will be constantly reminded to practise positive cyber well-being.




Keeping Passwords Safe






Social Media 

Dangers of Cyber Contacts


Addiction to Gaming



The school also collaborates with CHIJ Katong to spread positive cyber wellness messages to our students. Both Cyber Ranger and Cyberella make their appearance in both schools yearly to engage the students during Eunos’ Bully Free Week and CyberSmart@IJ Day.