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Chinese Department


Miss Wong Jie Ying (wong_jie_ying@moe.edu.sg)


Nurturing confident communicators with good moral values and lifelong learners of Chinese language.


Students are cared for in a nurturing MT environment and their learnings of the MTL will equip them to be proficient users in 21st century


Chinese New Year Festival

We celebrated Chinese New Year with an interesting and exciting concert packed with performances by the Wushu members and Chinese dancers. The students then sang along to the festive songs led by their fellow schoolmates. As the students immersed in the joy of celebration, they also learnt about school values of respect, unity and resilience through the sharing of customs and traditions. The value of caring and sharing were also shown when student leaders gave out packets of mandarin oranges to the guests and school staff. Finally, the concert ended with all the students’ favourite finale, the Lion Dance performance. 
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MT Fortnight

The objective of the MT Fortnight is to create an environment that encourages our students to use Mother Tongue languages and appreciate the heritage and culture associated with these languages. This year, the theme of the Mother Tongue Fortnight is on Arts and Festival.&nbsp
During Mother Tongue Fortnight Part 1 programme in February, the Primary 1 and 2 students visited various booths, where they had the opportunity to try out traditional Chinese and Tamil arts. They learnt to work their fingers doing the traditional Chinese origami activities and even had a go at doing the traditional Chinese Ink Painting, creating intricate landscape pictures. They also tried out traditional Tamil arts like Kolam painting and designing their clay oil lamps. 

To motivate students to excel in the MT languages, students also took part in creative and hands-on enrichment programmes to further get in touch with their roots. For example, the Primary 3 to 5 Chinese students had cultural enrichment programmes in the classes, from making traditional sachet to Chinese paper- cutting of adorable pandas and even making shadow puppets to the famous story of Journey to the West. The students enjoyed themselves thoroughly.
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Cultural Performance Exposure Scheme

The Cultural Performance Exposure Scheme (CPES) was introduced to participating schools to expose students to Chinese language-related cultural performances and programmes. Every year, identified levels of CL students would have an opportunity to watch Chinese cultural performances at public performance arts venues, experiencing and enjoying Chinese culture in an authentic atmosphere. This program aligns with the school’s vision, allowing Eunosians to be happy learners of the MTL.


Effective Use of iMTL Portal

Our focus of nurturing self- directed learners and effective communicators of MTL, leverages upon the effective use of the iMTL portal. Through the use of the iMTL portal, students can carry out collaborative learning by coming together as a class and commenting after watching a video stimulus on current affairs. Their peers can then carry out peer evaluation, giving feedback on their strengths and how they can improve further. Teachers can also grade them using the rubrics provided.


The use of iMTL portal helps students familiarize with the new PSLE oral examination format released in 2017. Students can respond to a video stimulus, share about their personal experience and how they can contribute back to the school and the community.

Chinese Competitions
Every year, the MT department identifies suitable competitions as platforms to stretch our students. We aim to nurture our students into confident communicators who are proficient users of the Chinese language. 

This year, three groups of our students from Primary 3, Primary 4 and Primary 5 took part in the inaugural School Text Recital Competition and they managed to clinch awards despite the intense competition with 500 over students from 90 Primary and Secondary schools.

Wang Jia Rui and Toh Kai Hsin Charmaine from P3/1 achieved a Bronze Award, Lieu En Qi and Chor Kai Jie Jaron from P4/1 clinched a Silver Award and Yu Kun Qian Angela and Lim Yi Shen from 5/1 achieved a Bronze Award. Congratulations to the winners for their hard work!