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Malay Department


Students with good values who are confident in Malay language and appreciate the culture




To nurture students with moral values and instil a love for learning the Malay language and culture



Programmes based on Student Outcomes: 

1. Confident Person


  • Show and Tell ( P1 and P2 )
  • Presentation of pupils' IPW
  • Malay Language and Cultural trip to Pelegong, Seremban ( Malaysia ) 
  • SEL Story-Telling programme ( P1 and P2 ) Pupils learn about social and emotional skills through stories and role-play



2. Self-Directed Learner 

Proficiency in ICT skill for all levels


Using Koobits to create stories


Students reflect what they have learnt through online blogging



3. Concerned Citizen 


  • Hari Raya Concert
  • Conversational Chinese Malay Prog
  • MT week - An interactive activities for pupils:-

          Jawi ( Arabic calligraphy in Malay language )

          Batik painting

          Ketupat weaving

          Wau ( traditional Malay kites )

          Traditional Malay games



4. Active Contributor 


  • Reaching out to the community ( P4 ) -Pupils befriending the old and needy folks for before Hari Raya. They help them to clean their houses and donated house-hold items.

National Malay Essay Writing Competition 2017 (Karya Minda Kreatif 2017)

This is a yearly competition organised by EDN Media Pte Ltd. 56 schools from all over Singapore took part. There were hundreds of entries. Our very own Eunosian, Nur Batrisyia was among the top 30. 

During the award presentation, she came in 2nd, 1st runner-up.  She won a trophy, certificate, E-Kamus(digital dictionary and cash voucher). Her writing was published in a book together with the other top 30 entries. We are so proud of her. The ML department sent 7 entries of which we received 2 gold awards, 1 silver and 4 bronze awards.



MT Fortnight


The objective of the MT Fortnight is to create an environment that encouraged our pupils to use Mother Tongue languages and appreciate the heritage and culture associated with these languages. This year the theme of the Fortnight was Food and Festivals. Thus pupils experienced food and festival related booths.


During the fortnight, pupils visited various booths where they had the opportunity to try making mooncakes, ketupat and kolam.


In classes, the Malay pupils applied their language skills in various activities. The P4 malay pupils was exposed to the art of wayang kulit to tell stories. The P5 students learnt newscasting. With the aid of ipads, pupils gather information for their newscast about the various booth.  The Malay department introduced QR Code  to pupils to find information.  The QR code was placed at strategic places. The P6 pupils experienced the usage of pantun in an authentic scenario.


To motivate pupils to excel in the MT languages, pupils took part or watched their peers perform in inter-level competitions such creative story telling, newcasting, poetry writing and recitation.


The event was a success. Pupils enjoyed themselves. The event ends with a Hari Raya Performance by the SriWarisan Performancing Arts Company.