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Tamil Department


Nurturing confident communicators with good moral values and lifelong learners of Tamil language.  



Pupils are cared for in a nurturing MT environment and their learnings of the MTL will equip them to be proficient users in 21st Century.


The Tamil Department organizes programmes and activities for the students so that they can be linguistically competent and confident in using the Tamil language. These activities enable them to explore and understand the tradition and values embedded in our Indian culture.

Touch-typing sessions

These sessions promotes and engages pupils to learn the Tamil keyboard layout (MOE-Singapore). The pupils learnt how to use the Murasu Anjal software to blog, email, send e-greeting cards and do presentations in Tamil.

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Mother Tongue Languages Fortnight

Mother tongue activities provide platforms for pupils to actively learn Mother Tongue Languages (MTL) and associated cultures so as to experience Mother Tongue Languages as ‘Living Languages’. The activities provide authentic opportunities for pupils to use the Mother Tongue Languages and experience the cultures.

TL Dept - MTL Fortnight.JPG

Tamil Enrichment Activities 

The Read and Act enrichment programme developed students to become confident readers and speakers in a number of ways, including fluency practice, comprehension, engaging in a story, and focusing on vocal and physical expression. It was conducted for our P3 students which combines reading practice and performing. The students had fruitful sessions and through this programme, their reading skills and confidence were enhanced by having them practice reading with a purpose.

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Learning Journey to Umar Pulavar Tamil Language Centre 

The school organised a learning journey to Umar Pulavar Tamil Language Centre for our Primary 3 Tamil Language students. The students gained a better understanding of the Indian culture through learning the traditional games and musical instruments, as well as visited the herbal garden. They had hands-on experience of the musical instruments and the games and had a fruitful time throughout the journey. 

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Primary One SEL Programme


With the release of recommendations that have been proposed by the MTL Review Committee, our MT Department’s existing SEL Reading programme is aligned with the philosophy of learning MTL. The aim is aligned with the school vision of Eunosians being guided by values; they are happy readers and learners of the MTL.


This school-based curriculum is designed by teachers. Teachers read e-books that are rich with values to pupils. SEL values are integrated through activities that accompany the read-aloud sessions. These values include self-awareness, self-management, relationship management, social awareness and responsible decision making. Pupils learn to apply their learning through real life scenarios during these activities. Pupils are actively engaged in book-making, play acting and bookmark making.  The teachers have worked out a 3 steps teaching model to conduct the lesson through preparing the lesson together during Time-tabled Time. Application in the real life setting is emphasized during these lessons.