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Student Development Team

Head of Department

Mdm Zheng Huimin Sarah (zheng_huimin@moe.edu.sg)

Subject Head (Discipline & Student Leadership)

Mr Amarjit Singh (amarjit_sing_sewa_singh@moe.edu.sg)

Year Head (P5 & P6)

Mr Cheng Tai Chew Marcus (cheng_tai_chew_marcus@moe.edu.sg)

Year Head (P3 & P4)

Ms Tan Enhui Grace (tan_enhui_grace@moe.edu.sg)

Assistant Year Head (P1 & P2)

Mdm Fatimah Azzahra (fatimah_azzahra_hasnordin@moe.edu.sg)

The Student Development Team (SDT) oversees the design and delivery of a holistic learning experience that all Eunosians will undergo throughout their 6 years of primary school education.

Headed by the School Leaders, the key role of the SDT is to enhance the quality of school experience for Eunosians, with emphasis on values education and the development of students’ socio-emotional needs.

Structure of Eunos Primary Student Development Team

School Leaders
Mdm Sarah Zheng
AYH (P1 & 2)
Mdm Fatimah Azzahra
 Year Head (P3 & 4)
Ms Grace Tan
Year Head (P5 & 6)
Mr Marcus Cheng
SH (Discipline & Student Leadership)
Mr Amarjit Singh
P1 Level Manager
Mr Marcus Ang
P2 Level Manager
Mdm Sharinah
P3 Level Manager
Mdm Vijaya

P4 Level Manager
Mr Shane Kwek
P5 Level Manager
Mr Peter Sung
P6 Level Manager
Miss Salmah Bee