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Student Leadership Committee

Student Leadership Committee

Subject Head (Discipline & Student Leadership)

Mr Amarjit Singh (amarjit_sing_sewa_singh@moe.edu.sg)


Miss Nur Hafizah Ismail(nur_hafizah_ismail_b@moe.edu.sg)

Student Leadership Teachers

Miss Sarah-Jean Toh (toh_ming_ler_sarah-jean@moe.edu.sg)

Miss Catherine Chua (chua_jing_tong_catherine@moe.edu.sg)

Miss Han Jing (han_jing@moe.edu.sg)

Miss Tan Zhao Lin (tan_zhao_lin@moe.edu.sg)

Miss Ang Ming’ En (ang_mingen@moe.edu.sg)

Mr Cheng Tai Chew Marcus (cheng_tai_chew_marcus@moe.edu.sg)

In Eunos Primary School, we believe that every student can be a self-disciplined leader of service and stewardship. Under the care and mentoring of the teachers, every student can perform at their optimal level in their areas of talents and strengths. 

We endeavour to nurture the leadership potential in all our students by providing meaningful leadership roles for them to undertake and providing effective training to equip them to excel in their roles.

Student Leadership Framework

In our efforts to provide meaningful leadership roles to the students, the Student Leadership Framework was refined in 2018 to clearly indicate the Student Leadership roles which are available for the students to undertake.

Student Leadership Framework

Level 4

Executive Committee Prefects

Level 3

Senior Student Peer Supporters , Senior Prefects

Level 2

Junior Student Peer Supporters, Junior Prefects, NE Ambassadors, Cyberwellness Ambassadors, CCA Leaders

Level 1

Subject Champs, Class Group Champs

Developmental Outcomes

Recognizing the importance to provide effective leadership training, desired student leadership developmental outcomes were identified for each of the levels.


Based on the respective outcomes and leadership focus, customized training is then designed and conducted for all student leaders.


Desired Outcomes

Leadership Focus

Primary 1

To lead is to Love, Care and Share


Primary 2

Primary 3

To lead is to Serve

Basic leadership & communications skills

Primary 4

Stewardship & communication skills

Primary 5

To lead is to Influence

Project Management & Servant Leadership

Primary 6

Project Management & Mentorship

Key Programmes

Student Leaders Training Camp

To equip Prefects and Student Peer Supporters with the foundations of leadership and qualities of an effective leader, the annual Student Leaders’ Training Camp is a key training milestone for the appointed Student Leaders.


The full day training is customised for each of the levels to provide focus on helping the student leaders understand and work towards achieving the Student Leadership Desired Outcomes.

Follow-up sessions with these leaders are also incorporated to provide the student leaders with platforms to apply their leadership skills in planned and ad-hoc programmes.

Follow-up programmes for application of leadership skills in recent years include: 

Leading VIA events (e.g. Tembusu Home Block Party) 

Leading school events (e.g. Teacher’s Day Celebrations) 

‘We Care’ Charity Donation Drive 2015 in aid of victims from the Earthquake in Nepal

Student Peer Supporters’ Training

A caring school culture is one in which all members of the school community feel safe and cared for, have a sense of belonging and feel connected to the school. Students contribute to the caring and positive peer culture in school when they look out for one another and provide support to their peers in need.  With a peer support mind-set, students create a community of care and support amongst peers.

The promotion of a peer support mind-set through the Student Peer Supporters will:

  • Reduce stigma against help-seeking behaviour

  • Encourage students to alert a trusted adult when their friends call for help in crisis situations or when the situation calls for adult/expert intervention

  • Sustain a supportive and caring school culture for students, by students

To equip Student Peer Supporters with the knowledge, skills and values to look out for and support fellow Eunosians, training sessions are conducted at the start of each semester.

At the training sessions, Student Peer Supporters are equipped with skills on:

  • Befriending

  • Maintain and conversation / relationship

  • Help seeking

  • Identify coping methods

  • Self-care through emotional boundaries

  • Managing confidentiality

  • Recognising signs of distress

Prefects’ Investiture

At the Prefects Investiture and Appreciation Ceremony held on 31 July 2017, nine Senior Prefects took their oaths as Executive Prefects, led by Ng Ern Nyee (P5/2) as Head Prefect and Lua Wei An (P5/1) and Regaya Sofia Rose (P5/1) as Vice Head Prefects. In the same ceremony, certificates were also awarded to 24 P6 senior prefects and the former Executive Committee members as recognition of their services to the school.

Student Leaders Learning Journey

The teachers in the Student Leadership Committee recognises the importance of having the Student Leaders being involved in their own learning. Through the annual Student Leaders Learning Journey, selected Student Leaders would see the world beyond the school environment, develop a greater worldview, a deeper appreciation of the diversity in Singapore and how they can apply what they have experienced in their leadership roles.