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Aesthetics Department

Head of Department (Aesthetics)
Miss Sharon Cheong ( cheong_hwee_ling_sharon@moe.edu.sg )


We believe that every child can be guided to appreciate the arts.
We value three things that the arts can support in educating a child:
• develop behavioural and cognitive dispositions that are transferable to other disciplines
• inculcate values and guide character development
• nurture the sense of belonging to one’s community and country


Desired Learner Outcome
We hope to see every student becoming a person who has developed the attitude of appreciation and cultivated desired learner attitudes through the arts; develops an aptitude in critical and creative thinking dispositions; and has the sense of connectedness to his/her culture and community, through the arts.


The arts education approach is framed by tiered structure to support the building of foundational learner attitudes, aptitudes and attributes; and to cater to differing learner interest and aptitude in the arts. It comprises:

(i) a comprehensive broad-based values-based arts curriculum programme for the whole school;

(ii) Co-curriculum programmes: enrichment programmes for targeted levels and groups of students, focused development programmes for the artistically talented pupils and the students-at-risk and

(iii) Serving through the Arts: focused guidance and coaching to prepare Aesthetics CCA groups and talented individuals for school and public exhibitions, performances, community service and competitions.

The school offers wide range of six visual and performing arts CCAs to cater to students’ interest and aptitude.