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Programme for Active Learning (PAL)

PAL @ Eunos

Programme for Active Learning (PAL) aims to foster the joy of learning in our young learners. It provides our P1 and P2 students with active, hands-on and meaningful learning experiences. Through participating in these activities, our students develop soft skills such as the ability to communicate confidently and clearly, cooperate with others and have a sense of curiosity in the world they live in.

The four PAL domains offered in our school are Sports and Games, Outdoor Education, Drama and Visual Arts. In the modules offered, students enjoy and learn drama techniques, create their art masterpieces, explore with various sports equipment and games, engage in outdoor activities and many more. After each activity or at the end of the lesson, time is allocated for reflection and debrief. PAL emphasises on inculcating values and developing social and emotional competencies, supporting the students’ holistic development.

Our students are always looking forward to PAL lessons. 

Sports & Games

In Sports & Games, students get to work together as a team and explore the various sports equipment to achieve different game objectives.

Outdoor Education

Our students enjoy the lessons outside the class. One of the highlights in Outdoor Education is the Learning Journey. This year, the P1 students went to Jacob Ballas while the P2 students went to Hort Park for their Outdoor Education Learning Journey.


Students get excited during the Drama module whenever their PAL teachers dressed up as the characters in the story.

Visual Arts

Students gets to explore and use their creativity to make their own stamps or art pieces during Visual Arts.