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Cyber Wellness

CW Tips by Cyber Ranger

– School Cyber Wellness Team / 14 Jan 2019

Cyber Bullying

With social networking platforms taking up an increasingly significant part in the formation of relationships, do our students understand the difference between online and offline connections? Do they relate the rules of engagement that guide their offline behaviours and lives to the way they conduct themselves online? How do we guide students to think more critically about the information they post online and the messages they send? Read on to find supplementary materials that explain the problem of cyberbullying, and engaging lesson plans for the classroom. 

– School Cyber Wellness Team / 09 Jan 2019

Fake News Generator

Fake news is easily created just by using this generator, anyone can do it in a matter of seconds. Be S.U.R.E. before you share a piece of news. 

Join Singapore's fight against Fake News.

😨 "Bishan Otter Family trapped by tailless cat at public toilet" 🤣 See how easy it is to create fake news? Anyone can put together a terrible he...
– School Cyber Wellness Team / 09 Jan 2019