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Cyber Wellness

Cyber Tips for Parents

We look forward to having you on board to play a part in the Cyber Wellness education of your child. Do spend some time navigating the resources specially curated for you.

Managing Screen Time
Feeling frustrated with always having to remind your child of the amount of time they are spending on social media? You can consider using this app, Screen Time, which allows you to access real-time reports about how much time your child spends on his/her gadgets, and set limits for what you want to manage.

The videos below will guide you through these features:

-          Monitoring your child’s screen usage

-          Managing screen time with parental control

Refer to this article that features a similar Screen Time setting if you are an Android user.

To encourage your child to take ownership of managing his/her screen time responsibly, involve him/her in a discussion. Work together to set an agreeable limit for both you and your child. Support your child in this process and review when necessary.

Parent’s Kit
You may also refer to this Parent’s Kit on how your child can continue to develop skills in navigating the online space confidently and using technology healthily.

A Parent’s Guide to Keeping Children Safe & Smart Online
This article will give you the tips you need to help your child as he/she starts using digital devices.

Setting Parental Controls
You may also consider setting up parental controls on your child’s most used operating systems. Refer to this article for more information.

Media Literacy Council
You may refer to the website for more details on fake news, how to protect personal information and more.