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E-Learning PSLE Marking Days 2018

Dear Parents/Guardians of P1-P5,

Your child/ward has been assigned the following assignments on MC Online (for EL, SC & MT), Koobits (for Maths) and Pazhahu Tamil portal. These assignments are compulsory. Please ensure your child/ward completes them during the Sep holidays. Thank you.

MC Online (for English, Science & Mother Tongue)
Koobits (for Mathematics)
Pazhahu (for Tamil)

Primary 1 P1EL_PSLEMarking2018_Vocabulary and Has and Have
Primary 1 P1MA_PSLEMarking2018_Revision (in Koobits)
Primary 1 P1ML_PSLEMarking2018_EjaanKosakata
Primary 1 P1CL_PSLEMarking2018_Revision
Primary 1 Name the pictures (in Pazhahu)

Primary 2 P2EL_PSLEMarking2018_VocabularyandGrammar
Primary 2 P2_MA_PSLEMarking2018_Revision (in Koobits)
Primary 2 P2ML_PSLE MARKING2018_ Kosa kata& Kefahaman
Primary 2 P2CL_PSLEMarking2018_Revision
Primary 2 Word Formation, Fill in the missing letters

Primary 3 P3EL_PSLEMarking2018_GRAMMAR/VOCAB
Primary 3 P3_MATHS_PSLEMarking2018_Revision (in Koobits)
Primary 3 P3ML_PSLEMarking2018_Revision
Primary 3 P3CL_PSLEMarking2018_Revision
Primary 3 Adjectives, Vocabulary (in Pazhahu)

Primary 4 P4EL_PSLEMarking2018_GRAMMAR/VOCAB
Primary 4 P4MA_PSLEMarking2018_Revision (in Koobits)
Primary 4 P4SC_PSLEMarking2018_Light
Primary 4 P4ML_PSLEMarking2018_Peribahasa
Primary 4 P4CL_PSLEMarking2018_Revision
Primary 4 Adjectives & Comparative adjectives Proverbs

Primary 5 E-learning for PSLE Marking days
Primary 5 P5MA_PSLEMarking2018_Revision (in Koobits)
Primary 5 P5SC_PSLEMarking2018_Revision
Primary 5 P5ML_PSLEMarking2018_Revision
Primary 5 (Foundation) P5FML_PSLEMarking2018_Revision
Primary 5  P5CL_PSLEMarking2018_Revision
Primary 5 (Foundation) P5FCL_PSLEMarking2018_Revision

Preparing Your Child’s Transition to Secondary School

MOE will be organising “Preparing Your Child’s Transition to Secondary School” Seminar to help parents understand the importance of parental support as their child transits from Primary to Secondary School. 

This year, parents will hear from a school leader, psychologist and parent who will share tips and information on how they can support their child in dealing with stress in the lead-up to PSLE, selecting a suitable secondary school and adapting to a secondary school life.

Registration starts from 9 July onwards and we hope you can register for the seminar.