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Travel Plan Declaration

Dear Parents/Guardian,

Please logon to MC Online - Travel Plan to declare if you are traveling overseas by 16 Nov 2018.  Also, the deadline for the submission of the Parents Survey on MC Online has been extended to this Thursday 15 Nov 2018

You may log in using your child's account (Login ID: EPS+last 5 characters of child's BC) or parent's account (Login ID: p_EPS+last 5 characters of child's BC). 

Preparing Your Child’s Transition to Secondary School

MOE will be organising “Preparing Your Child’s Transition to Secondary School” Seminar to help parents understand the importance of parental support as their child transits from Primary to Secondary School. 

This year, parents will hear from a school leader, psychologist and parent who will share tips and information on how they can support their child in dealing with stress in the lead-up to PSLE, selecting a suitable secondary school and adapting to a secondary school life.

Registration starts from 9 July onwards and we hope you can register for the seminar.