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Day 1 - 18 May 2017

All excited and ready to go at Changi Airport T3!

2017 EPS Fukuoka OIP (17-5-17) - 1.jpg

Getting ready for our flight to Fukuoka!

2017 EPS Fukuoka OIP (18-5-17) - 2.jpg

Having our lunch!

2017 EPS Fukuoka OIP (18-5-17) 3.jpg

Fukuoka Castle

Our students visited the Fukuoka castle site and from the observatory deck, was treated with a magnificent view of the cityscape. The original castle probably had that view for a strategic reason - to detect any enemy threats. This was also where we saw the cherry blossom trees, though we were not in the right season to see the flowers.
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All ready to explore Fukuoka Castle!


2017 EPS Fukuoka (18-5-17)-7.jpg

Great view of Fukuoka from the top of Fukuoka Castle

2017 EPS Fukuoka (18-5-17)-6.jpg

Ohori Park

The next stop was Ohori park, which was in the same vicinity as Fukuoka castle. This was where students enjoyed the gentle breeze and calming view of the Ohori lake. DSC06346.JPG

Shiraito Falls

The Shiraito Falls (白糸の滝, Shiraito no Taki) are located in the southwestern foothills of Mount Fuji. Once there, we were greeted by the cooling winds and fresh mountain air.

The water from the falls is crystal clear; a result of natural filtration. An interesting learning point for the teachers and students was the ingenious barrier built by the locals to prevent crows from attacking the fishes in the river. Fishing lines which were almost invisible unless one looked closely, formed a canopy over a section of the river stream. We also got to see a traditional water wheel at the Shiraito Falls.


2017 EPS Fukuoka (18-5-17)-4.jpg

Great scenery as we came down from Shiraito Falls

2017 EPS Fukuoka (18-5-17)-5.jpg

Reflection from Day 1

Our students observed that the streets in Japan are litter-free and very few rubbish bins could be found on the streets. On top of that, they had not seen any cleaners cleaning up the streets as well. There was a very strong culture present in the Japanese people who were very particular about orderliness and cleanliness.