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Day 2 - 19 May 2017

Having breakfast together!


Fukuoka Tower

The first stop for day two of our trip was the Fukuoka Tower. Standing at 234m tall, the tower is covered with 8000 pieces of mirror glass. The observation deck we went up was 123m above ground. We were treated with breathtaking views of the Fukuoka cityscape. DSC06400.JPG DSC06402.JPG

School Immersion at Atagohama Elementary School

The highlight for today was the visit to Atagohama Elementary School. As we arrived, we were ushered to a briefing room where the teacher-in-charge explained to us the program for our visit and led us for a tour around the school premises. As we toured the school, we were greeted by the students who were having lessons in their classrooms. Their warm smiles made us felt very welcomed.

Having lessons with our Japanese friends

We were broken into groups for the lesson experience. A total of 4 classes were opened up to us, covering the subjects of Social studies, Mathematics and Science. The lessons were conducted purely in Japanese, but the topics taught were familiar to some of us. The students were friendly and even with their limited command of English, they made their best effort to explain to us what was happening. DSC06431.JPG DSC06481.JPG DSC06492.JPG

Learning about magnets


Learning from our new Japanese friends!


Performing a silat demonstration for our Japanese friends


Lunch time at Atagohama Elementary School

During lunch time, we sat together with the Japanese students in their classrooms and enjoyed our food. Each class had an appointed team of students to help collect and deliver food from the central kitchen. They do not have a canteen selling food like what we have back in Singapore.

Lunch was followed by a short break time, where all the students joined in games with the Japanese students. It was a fun experience for the all despite the language barrier. DSC06495.JPG DSC06499.JPG

Cleaning up the school with our new friends

The final activity was the cleaning up of the classrooms which is a daily routine for all Japanese students. We got to join the Japanese students in sweeping and wiping the floor clean. For some of our students, it was the first time they actually held a broom. They were assisted by the Japanese students who were more than eager to teach them the correct way to carry out their cleaning tasks.


Thanking our very warm and friendly Japanese hosts!

Before we bid farewell to the school, we exchanged gifts with the students. The Principal of the school spoke to us and told us that he had worked in Singapore as a Principal of a Japanese school between 2006 to 2009. He had looked forward to hosting us and were glad that all of us had an enriching experience during our short visit.





Marutai Ramen Factory

Our final stop for the day was the Marutai Ramen factory. Unlike traditional food factories, the Ramen factory was spanking clean and fully automated. We found out that the factory is capable of producing 20 000 packets of noodles in an hour. Another interesting tidbit we found out was that since the company started making noodles, it has till date created about 400 flavours of Ramen. As photography was prohibited during the tour, we could only take a group photo at the factory lobby.


Reflections for Day 2

What stood out for our students today was the fact that students in Japanese schools worked closely together to help clean their classrooms. What surprised the students even more was seeing the Principal participating in the cleaning up as well. Many students agreed that this was something that was worth bringing back to Eunos Primary School. As what the Japanese school Principal had explained to us, the cleaning activity is a time for us to ‘clear our minds’ so that we can be prepared for the following lessons. And for many of us who were used to the luxury of having our school cleaners to keep our classrooms clean, we were reminded to be more appreciative of their efforts.