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Day 3 - 20 May 2017

Rinkai 3R Station


Our first stop for the day was the Rinkai 3R station. This was essentially a waste management facility with advanced technologies in waste management. The programme started off with a self-guided tour of the incineration facilities. We learnt that in Fukuoka, the waste facility would have to incinerate approximately 800 tonnes of waste every 2 days. Another interesting fact we learnt was that the exhaust gas from the waste incineration was treated to reduce the amount of pollutants before being released to the air.


DSC06566.JPG DSC06569.JPG DSC06571.JPG The next stop in the Rinkai 3R station was the Recycling mart and the workshop area. Our students were taught how to make their own postcards using paper pulp. They also had a chance to try ‘shopping’ at the Recycling mart, where they got to choose two items they wanted to bring home. By doing this, they were educated on how we could reuse items that are still serviceable.   IMG-20170520-WA0022.jpg IMG-20170520-WA0025.jpg IMG-20170520-WA0027.jpg

Hakata Traditional Craft Museum / Kushida Shrine

The next stop for the day was the Hakata Traditional Craft Museum and the Kushida Shrine, where they got to find out more about the history of the Hakada dolls.


As the museum was just situated next to the Kushida Shrine, we decided to pop by for a look. It was an interesting experience for the students as they got to learn about the authentic Japanese religion, the Shinto. The students had a chance to wash their hands using spring water, a gesture symbolising cleansing themselves before entering the shrine. Students who went in also watched how the temple staff, dressed in traditional costume, started beating the drums when an offering was made by a devotee. DSC06606.JPG DSC06607.JPG DSC06608.JPG DSC06610.JPG DSC06612.JPG DSC06616.JPG

Reflections for Day 3

What struck the students for the day was how trash was carefully treated even after incineration to ensure that the environment is not polluted. The 13-storey high waste-pit students saw at the incineration plant was also a reminder to us that we should make an effort to reduce the amount of wastes generated.

The recycling mart students visited during the day also got them to relook at how we can give a new lease of life to unwanted items. Perhaps this could be one way we could look at how we can promote the idea of reduce, reuse and recycle in Eunos Primary School.