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Parents Support Group SPICE@EUNOS

Welcome message by Chairman, Eunos PSG



SPICE@EUNOS, Supportive Parents In Community Engagement, is a group of parents who have come together to organise and support events aimed at enhancing our children's experience in school. These events can be in the areas of sports, academics and the arts. The Eunos Parent Support Group (EPSG) is an integral part of the SPICE movement and my Executive Committee provides the overall coordination of all parent-led activities.


The partnership between parents and staff at Eunos Primary has been a productive and successful one due to three primary reasons. First, there is a clear understanding that we are at our best when we work together collaboratively towards the same objectives. Second, there is a strong spirit of innovation, which is reflected in the constant introduction of new activities and the re-design of current ones. And third, there is trust, this most powerful element in relationships that brings out the best in everyone.


As a parent or guardian, we have a responsibility that goes beyond making sure our children attend school. The ever-increasing complexities in society require that we are fully committed and actively engaged parents. We do this by demonstrating a daily interest in our children's accomplishments in school, by indicating our sincere appreciation to teachers and staff for what they do every day, and by offering a couple of hours of our time annually to help out in school programmes, among other things.


We need a strong school. The school needs strong parents. It is as simple as that. It is only when we respect each other, and work together, collaboratively, that we increase the chances of seeing every child at Eunos Primary become a happy learner, a confident communicator and a critical thinker.


The Eunos Parent Support Group belongs to all of us parents and guardians, so I personally take this opportunity to welcome you to join us and experience this enriching partnership at Eunos Primary School. It has been said, “IT TAKES A VILLAGE TO RAISE A CHILD”.


Do visit our website at http://spice.kidzedu.com or contact us spice@kidzedu.com


With my best regards,

Mohammed Nazzer