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Parents Support Group SPICE@EUNOS

Welcome message by Chairman, Eunos PSG

Hello Eunosian parents,

Welcome to Eunos Primary School. We believe in parents and teachers working hand in hand to make our children’s EPS journey a happy and memorable one. Parents are part of the SPICE@EUNOS family (Supportive Partners In Community Engagement). We come from diverse backgrounds but with a common goal in mind – to play an active role to enhance the children’s learning experiences and support their holistic development. We support and participate in numerous school events such as festive celebrations, National Education programmes, P6 PEPSE programmes etc. We also co-lead some of the school’s events like the National Day Celebration, Teachers’ Day Concert and the Parent-child Day Camp.

I have been a Eunosian parent for six years and will be here for another four more. Eunos Primary School is truly a place where we, as parents, are assured that our children will be nurtured and grow into happy learners, confident communicators and critical thinkers. We uphold essential traits such open communication, trust and respect in our collaborative efforts with the other parents, staff and school leaders. Do take the opportunity to dedicate some time to actively take part in the school’s activities or programmes throughout the year. As the African saying goes, “It takes a village to raise a child.”

On behalf of SPICE@Eunos Executive Committee, may I take this opportunity to wish you and your family all the best for the coming year and you are most welcome to join us and experience this enriching partnership @ Eunos Primary School.

With my best regards,

Janice Tan
SPICE Chairman
02 January 2019