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Indian Dance


Mdm Vijayalekshmi Mariappan(vijayalekshmi_mariappan@moe.edu.sg)

Mdm Nurhayati Selamat (nurhayati_selamat@moe.edu.sg)

Miss Janice Ng (ng_hai_yan_janice@moe.edu.sg)


Training Schedule:

Every Friday, 7:30-9:30am

Venue : CCA Room 3, Blk A, #01-11


In Indian Dance, our pupils will understand, learn and apply the basic techniques such as hand and foot movement of Indian dance. They will be trained to dance at a competitive level, display good sportsmanship, learn the values of fair play, teamwork and discipline. They will also be given exposure to Folk dance, Contemporary Indian dance and Classical dance such as Bharatanatyam which is one of the traditional art form of India.



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