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Mr Lee Chee Hao (lee_chee_hao@moe.edu.sg)
Ms Wong Jieying (wong_jie_ying@moe.edu.sg)
Miss Catherine Chua(chua_jing_tong_catherine@moe.edu.sg)

Training Schedule:

Coach - Mr Robert Petrovic

Day/Time - Every Friday, 7:30-9:30am
Extra Training:
Every Tuesday  3:30-5:00pm (School Team, Junior/Senior)
Venue - School Field

During CCA training sessions, boys from P3 to P6 learn a wide variety of skills in soccer like passing, dribbling, ball-trapping, heading, shooting and goalkeeping Each week, pupils are put through a rigorous yet fun training programme to maximize every pupil’s potential and at the same time, develop and cultivate values in them through the training sessions. 


Extra Training

Boys who are dedicated and talented are selected to represent the school at various age-group competitions. Their involvement in these competitions and tournaments serves to build their character and also provide them with valuable exposure to the sport. We believe in developing the pupils' both mentally and physically to be the best that they can be, both on and off the field.



Senior boys in action for their first zonal match in 2017.