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Teacher in charge:

Miss Tammy Teo (teo_tian_ki_tammy@moe.edu.sg)
Miss Eunice Ng( ng_si_ling_eunice@moe.edu.sg)

Training Schedule:

Every Friday, 7.30am to 9.30am


In Wushu, we create an environment whereby our children will be able to enjoy their learning and at the same time understand the essential values of life. We also provide additional training to level up their abilities and skills in preparation for the National competition. Furthermore, platforms are provided for our children to showcase their talent. 


Through a series of Wushu trainings, we hope to equip our children in the following aspects:


• Enhancing their flexibility, agility, stamina and skills development.
• Enhancing their mental skills development and better memory skills.
• Nurturing their character by instilling values of perseverance, discipline, personal conduct and teamwork in the course of their training.
• Increasing knowledge on the background of Wushu and understanding its cultural values, virtues and benefits.