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Red Cross Link Unit


Mdm Roslinda Naim (Cluster Youth Officer / Senior Youth Officer)(roslinda_naim@moe.edu.sg)
Mr Peter Sung (Senior Youth Officer) (sung_voon_tet_peter@moe.edu.sg)
Ms Loy Qian Yin (Youth Officer) (loy_qian_yin@moe.edu.sg)
Ms Maalini D/O Kannan

Training Schedule:

Every Friday, 7:30-9:30am
Venue : Computer Lab 2

As the only uniformed group in the school, Red Cross Links members stand out in the school and are a reflection of self-discipline and confidence. Besides being adept at simple First Aid, Links members are also involved in various other activities, like the Seashore Life Programme, where they clean up the beach. They also go for fun and enriching learning journeys as well. All these and more, are part and parcel of being a Red Cross Links member in Eunos Primary School.