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Character and Citizenship Education

CCE Department

Head of Department

Mdm Zheng Huimin Sarah (zheng_huimin@moe.edu.sg)


Subject Head (National Education and Social Studies)

Mdm Amatul Jameel Suhani (amatul_jameel_suhani_sujari@moe.edu.sg)


Values Education Coordinator

Mdm Edith Ang Sian Hong (ang_sian_hong_edith@moe.edu.sg)

Vision: Values-driven Eunosians who contribute actively to society


Guided by our philosophy “Every Child Can Learn and Achieve in a Caring Environment”, we believe that Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) through the inculcation of sound moral values and equipping of social and emotional competencies will help a child to achieve his/her full potential, academic and otherwise. Our curriculum and programme development is guided by our level outcomes.



CCE Level Outcomes



A respectful and curious person who loves learning and interacts well with others



A confident person who has positive self-esteem and cares for others



A responsible and helpful person who embraces diversity



A disciplined and resilient person who is a team player



A pro-active person who strives for excellence and is a  concerned citizen



A reflective person who has integrity and contributes actively to society



Shared leadership in CCE is practised in our school. Through fostering supportive relationships and modelling good character and citizenship values, school leaders, teaching and non-teaching staff, partners and stakeholders are committed to nurture every child in a safe and caring environment that promotes excellence. Pupils are encouraged to take responsibility for their character and citizenship development through active engagement and regular reflection.



Commemoration of Total Defence Day






Pupils celebrating International Friendship Day



Parents joining us in our preparation of the International Cultural Fiesta


We were honoured to have SPS Mr Hawazi Daipi joining us during our Racial Harmony Day celebrations in July 2012.


Pupils visiting our teacher Mrs Molly Zehnder’s house, learning about the Eurasian culture. Nothing beats learning about the customs and practices of our multicultural society in an authentic environment. Find out more about our racial harmony home visits from schoolbag.sg 


Learning Journey to Kampung Glam


An in-house programme – Character Moulding Programme (CHAMP) – is developed to build a caring school culture and foster relationships between teacher and pupils and among pupils. It also aims to inculcate values and develop social-emotional competencies in pupils. It addresses topics related to Sexuality Education and Educational and Career Guidance (ECG). Through a series of lessons on ECG, the use of the e-portal, career talks and fairs, we hope that our pupils will develop a greater awareness of their interests, abilities and career aspirations.


Pupils learning about the importance of teamwork.


To further strengthen the rapport between our teachers and pupils, form/co-form teachers engage in conversations with individual pupils to understand more about them.


Character and citizenship development is also infused into core and non-core school curricular such as English Language and Physical Education as we believe that pupils’ learning will be enriched and made deeper through CCE infusion.


Pupils are given opportunities to apply what they have learnt in CCE programmes during our Values-in-Action Projects.


Our Primary 1 and 2 pupils assist in school-related projects, the Primary 3 and 4 pupils engage with our Eunos community, and the Primary 5 and 6 pupils extend a hand to international causes.



Here are some of the projects our pupils have carried out:


Our pupils learning how to make plastic bag roses from the seniors of Tembusu Seniors Activity Centre. The roses they made were given to children from the Children Cancer Foundation.



Our pupils are involved in several projects in the community. One of them is the annual Eunos Crescent collection of old clothes and newspapers that we have been conducting since November 2012. Here are our students putting their values into action!